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Wellness Strategies

Our Company Health Specialist works with you to analyze your company’s health and develop a plan to make employees healthier and cut costs. The key to a healthier company is encouraging and supporting staff to take preventative health actions seriously. Heidary Health’s Wellness Strategies assist you in helping your company make progress on its wellness journey.

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Company Health seminars

Heidary Health’s Company Health Seminars are an excellent way to empower employees and boost morale while at the office. Our Company Health Seminars can be set up throughout the year to strategically work towards keeping your employees motivated with their wellness goals.

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Wellness Network

We act as a liaison between your employees and healthcare professionals that can help them optimize their preventative health efforts. This service is provided for employees who desire individual consultation with professionals to help them prevent and mitigate their health risks.

Our Wellness Network is tailored to help your employees find healthcare and wellness professionals who are in their area. We also provide connections with a wide range of health professionals, including nutritionists, doctors, dentists, chiropractors and many more.

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Wellness Tools

As part of each employee’s account on our website, individuals receive access to custom health solutions using the Wellness Tools provided. Our Wellness Tools are incorporated into a personalized online experience where your employees’ can find support at all times.

Once their Employee or Executive Health Report results are in, employees will receive customized information and recommendations for various health and wellness goals in the My Health Solutions section of their account. These goals are designed to help employees meet the national health standards outlined by Health Canada.

Heidary Health aims to support your company’s health and wellness journey in the long run to help you consistently and effectively improve your company’s health, culture and bottom-line.

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