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Did you know employers spend an average of $7,061 * on benefits each year per full-time employee?

Your employees are your greatest assets. They deserve to be supported and invested in. Yet there are thousands to be saved in unnecessary losses due to preventable employee illness. Clearly, cutting back on insurance and drug plans negatively impacts how attractive your company is to current and prospective talent. So how do you responsibly cut costs without negatively impacting your competitive edge?

Reduce costs by helping unhealthy employees

Consider the strain unhealthy employees put on your benefit spending. Employees with poor health, especially those not monitoring and mitigating age appropriate health risk factors, put a costly burden on employer spending.An unhealthy workforce can cost employers from thousands to millions of dollars annually in increased benefit, drug, absenteeism, and lost productivity costs.

Currently companies are losing between thousands and millions of dollars a year on employees' poor health in insurance, drug, absenteeism and lost productivity costs.

Substantial amounts could be saved by helping employees become aware of the slow onset of illnesses like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, food intolerances, and cancer. Chronic illnesses are the most costly types of poor health for companies, and they are largely preventable. These conditions affect your employees even before they are aware they are ill. Early identification and preventative measures and using Heidary Health’s comprehensive Company Health Report, can keep chronic illness costs in check.

Chronic illness

  • Puts a strain on insurance benefit costs
  • Affects large numbers of employees
  • Increases absenteeism and sick days
  • Slows down productivity

REduce costs by keeping healthy employees healthy

Surely, there are members of your team that are the picture of health. Programs that motivate your employees to track their health goals and maintain their lifestyle help them keep up these good choices. Healthy members of staff also appreciate an opportunity to get evidence-based reports on potential risk factors to detect any health problems early on. Heidary Health’s extensive Company Health Report provides these answers for individual employees to help them stay healthy.

How to help employees & cut costs

Heidary Health gives you all of the tools you need to help employees and cut costs at the same time!

Our Company Health Report gives you a way to monitor and improve your company’s health. Complete with our Heidary Health Index (HHI) score, we reveal the exact areas you need to target to reduce costs.

Through our Individual Health Reports, you give employees a chance to mitigate or eliminate health risk factors that lead to chronic illness while maintaining their privacy. Our analysis of the aggregated health data is used to formulate your Company Health Report and calculate your HHI score.

We also provide Wellness Strategies to get your company’s health on track. Heidary Health works to help you minimize your company’s losses due to employees’ poor health

*According to the Canadian Benefits Benchmarking Report in 2012 .

Take Control of Your Company’s Health

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