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Dr. Walter Heidary is the founder of Heidary Health. His mission is to improve the health and wellness of individuals and companies across Canada. Dr. Heidary knows that people are the foundation of every company and by empowering them to take control of their health, companies can benefit from happier, more productive employees.

Heidary Health provides comprehensive Company Health Reports to assist businesses in lowering their insurance, drug, and sick day costs while helping them protect their human capital and remain competitive. Our Company Health Report gives you a score using our proprietary Heidary Health Index (HHI) to show you where your corporate health stands and where it needs improvement.

We understand how the people at the core of your company are the greatest asset you have, and how keeping them healthy and motivated helps you retain their talent. Like your business, your Company Health Report also relies on your personnel. Your comprehensive Company Health Report is created with information garnered from individual Employee Health Reports.

Our Employee Health Reports use evidence-based Health Risk Assessments, blood testing and non-invasive biometrics to give employees medical facts about their health. The personalized Employee Health Reports and accompanying recommendations help each of your employees prevent the onset of chronic illness and mitigate health risk factors. Even healthy employees can benefit from gaining more knowledge about their health and getting support to prevent illness.

Heidary Health’s process is simple and efficient from start to finish. We facilitate the implementation of your Company Health Report and give your employees the tools to independently engage in the program. Once your Company Health Report is complete we have a post-report consultation with you to discuss your results and plan your Wellness Strategies.

Our Company Health Report is both an effective tool to see where your company’s health stands, and a point of measure that allows you to monitor the improvement of your company’s health over time through repeated testing.

Heidary health helps you keep a healthy bottom Line.

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Our Mission statement

We provide companies with comprehensive health reports using evidence-based health risk assessments and testing to safeguard and improve their corporate health, wellness, and interests.

Our Vision

We endeavor to spread the use of and access to preventative health care, and reduce
the burden caused by poor health.

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