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Heidary health index

Our Heidary Health Index (HHI) is the scoring system we’ve created to give you the truth about your company health. Your HHI score appears on your Company Health Report to convey how healthy your company is overall. We do the math to give you an evidence-based report of where your company’s health stands in a number of areas. With the information we provide, strategic plans can be put into place to cut costs related to employees’ poor health.

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How our hhi works

After your employees have finished their assessments and received their reports, we’re able to create your Company Health Report out of their data. Our HHI is used to analyze the aggregate data of all of your employees’ results and make your Company Health Report meaningful to you.

Your employees’ results are grouped into medical tests, lifestyle tests, and corporate wellness tests. Correspondingly, your company’s HHI score is produced using data from these three areas. Your HHI score allows you to see your company’s overall health in a clear crisp number.

Together with your Company Health Report, our HHI allows you to see where your company’s health stands and effectively pinpoint what areas of your company’s health require the most attention. When we sit down with you to discuss your Company Health Report, your HHI score helps us design a plan with Wellness Strategies that suit your company’s needs. Through evidence-based knowledge on how healthy your company is and the right strategy, your company can save money on insurance, drug, and sick day costs.

Click below to see our section on Your Company Health Report for a sample of a Company Health Report and HHI scoring.

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