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Heidary Health Believes…

We believe people should be empowered with the knowledge to control their health and prevent serious illness. Understanding your health and taking control of it is necessary whether or not you are sick. It’s the key to a healthier and happier life. Our solutions help people understand their personal health and improve their wellness.

Health Reports

We provide a complete program with our health reports to help you discover your health challenges and take the steps necessary to prevent serious illness. Our evidence-based health reports analyze your health risks and give you personalized information about your health and wellness. Health reports are suitable for healthy people as a means of understanding their health and knowing their future risks. Health reports are also suitable for people with poor health or diagnosed conditions to help them mitigate their current conditions and improve their health.

Heidary Health shows you exactly where
your health stands and how to become healthier.

We use an online Health Risk Assessment, in-person blood testing, and simple biometric measurements to create an analysis of your health. Heidary Health can put your mind at ease. No need for long invasive tests and multiple appointments! We set up a convenient blood collection clinic right in your workplace to privately take the required blood samples and biometric readings for your health report. Heidary Health makes it easy and convenient to take control of your health.

And there’s more!

By participating in the Heidary Health program you will receive a whole strategy to help you understand and improve your health including online Wellness Tools and My Health Solutions tailored to your personal results. Heidary Health provides you with an online account that hosts all of your results, assessments, health planning Wellness Tools and more.

  • 1. An online Health Risk Assessment.
  • 2. A private blood collection appointment at your workplace.
  • 3. A personalized health report complete with your detailed results and health recommendations.
  • 4. Access to individualized Wellness Tools through the My Health Solutions section of your online account.
  • 5. Your company may participate in Company Wellness Seminars, which you will be able to attend at your workplace.


Heidary Health is committed to upholding your privacy while providing you with the most comprehensive assessment of your health and wellbeing. We will never share or sell your personal information, results, or any other identifiable data you submit to us with your employer or any third parties not involved in medically analyzing your data.

Participants will receive a personal online account from where they can securely access all of their assessments, reports, My Health Solutions, and Wellness Tools. Even our on-site blood collection clinic, at your office, holds each appointment in solitary to ensure each person’s privacy is respected.

Want a Health Report for a Loved One?

If you have family and friends who would like to participate in a health report program, or if you are not associated with a company that is using Heidary Health’s services, please visit MyHealthReport.ca for information on personal health reports.

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