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Take Control of Your Health

Whether you’re being fully compensated to participate in this Heidary Health program, or you are paying a fee to participate, it is a great opportunity to take control of your health.

The truth is, your employer realizes that life is fuller, richer, and more enjoyable both inside the workplace and in your personal life when you’re healthier. Research continues to mount regarding the disastrous effects of poor health choices and the simple ways we can prevent serious chronic disease like diabetes and heart disease. However, life seems to get busier and busier and we often can’t find the time to attend seemingly unnecessary appointments to chase up health information when we don’t feel sick. Even worse, we tend to put off minor symptoms like fatigue or mild irritations because they don’t feel serious enough to investigate right this minute.

This reactive approach to our health is dangerous. It is exactly why many people don’t know their health risks until they are diagnosed with a full-blown disease. The most tragic part of this is that avoidable chronic disease cannot be completely cured once developed.

Early detection and preventative measures can allow you to mitigate or eliminate the health risk factors that can lead to many chronic illnesses. For the sake of your family and your own personal wellbeing, the choice couldn’t be simpler. Participating in the Heidary Health program saves you time and money getting the health answers you need to take control of your health.

Understanding your health now could literally add years to your life and save you thousands of dollars in future healthcare related costs.

A Personal Approach

Our health reports don’t just tell you if your results are positive or negative. We explain everything you need to know about what you’ve been screened for and why it’s relevant to your health.

The answers and recommendations you gain help you understand exactly where you are healthiest, where your health risks lay, and what you can do to improve your health. Your health report allows you to stop guessing if you need to watch your iron levels or avoid certain foods and help you instantly make healthier choices that are relevant to your body.

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Quick & Easy Peace of Mind

We’ve taken out all of the guesswork and unforeseen obstacles that can stop you from getting the information you need. With Heidary Health there is no need to run around from appointment to appointment, waiting for requisition forms and follow-up sessions. We allow you to fill out all the necessary data on your online account, from your home or office. Our professionals set up a private blood collection clinic right at your work so that you don’t have to go out of your way to participate. And to make your life even easier, your health report results and recommendations are sent directly to your secure online account.

You can find ongoing support through the My Health Solutions section of your online account including personalized Wellness Tools to help you plan your health goals and stay on track. Your company may also host Company Health Seminars on a variety of health issues that are relevant to you and your coworkers.

And if you'd like to find more... professional guidance, we have a Wellness Network service you can join at your own discretion. This service is designed to put you in touch with various medical professionals from nutritionists to chiropractors.

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Knowledge is Power

Your personalized health report is perfect for supplementing what you already know about your health. Healthy people are given often-unavailable insights to their health and potential risk factors. Individuals suffering from errant symptoms or diagnosed conditions are given a clearer understanding of how to mitigate their current conditions to improve their health.

Health report results are also suitable for sharing with your healthcare professionals. They could find your results illuminating when considering your overall health or a particular problem you are facing.

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